• planning


    Our architects, engineers and designers can provide services at the very earliest stages of a project. We are adept at listening to our clients and responding with valuable, reliable information with which they can make informed decisions. Some of the pre-design services we provide are:

    • Programming
    • Community Input
    • Space Schematics & Flow Diagrams
    • Existing Facility Assessments
    • Site Analysis & Selection
    • Site Master Planning
    • Code Review and Analysis
    • Project Estimating/Budgeting
  • design

    • Architectural Design
    • Interior Design
    • Community Presentation
    • Promotional and Capital Campaign Materials
    • Models and Computer Imaging
    • Signage and Graphics
    • Furniture and Equipment Selection
    • Contract Documents and Specifications
    • Schedule/Phasing Development
  • construction administration

    construction administration

    Our method of providing Construction Administration services is a strong asset of our firm. We have found having dedicated Construction Administrators helps facilitate our goal of completing projects on time and within budget. With over 70 years of combined experience in the administering of construction contracts, we believe we can provide the knowledge, expertise and develop the relationships to make your project a success.

    Once the construction begins, the duties of our Construction Administrators include: 1) interpretation of plans for field personnel, making use of design changes that can speed up construction or save the Owner money, 2) arbitration of disputes, preventing minor problem from becoming major ones, and 3) monitoring of construction to see that it is proceeding according to plans and specifications. Our Construction Administrator serves as the communication link between CRA and the Contractor’s field personnel, with the Principal-in-Charge and the Project Architect or Engineer providing the coordination for the overall project and communicating directly with the Owner’s representative.

    Over the past 50 years, CRA, has gained extensive experience in contract administration and we have shaped and refined our approach to design, documentation and construction administration to accomplish the goal of providing our clients with a high-quality building within their project cost and schedule.

  • civil engineering

    civil engineering

    CRA has provided in house civil engineering services for our clients for over 35 years. Our civil engineers provide site development analysis and design for all our architectural projects as well as parks, greenways, utilities and other independent civil projects. Due to our excellent working relationship with local and state authorities, we have successfully executed civil design work for many out of town Architectural firms.

    Our engineers stay up to date on all aspects of site sustainability including state of the art stormwater management practices. Our recent projects have included innovative underground and surface stormwater harvesting, permeable pavements, rain gardens and level spreaders. Providing in house civil engineering services creates a beneficial connection to the architectural designs in the office.

  • sustainability


    CRA has a long and successful history of developing and implementing high-performance guidelines and facilities.

    Integrating sustainable systems into our architectural projects at the earliest stages of the design process is crucial to their success. We work closely with our clients and our consultants to insure the systems work together and are coordinated with the other engineered systems. On recent projects, those systems have included rainwater collection and reuse, a photovoltaic panel array, solar domestic water heating, natural day-lighting of significant spaces and geothermal mechanical systems which utilize the Earth’s constant temperature to provide heating and cooling. We are dedicated to the development of buildings that are energy-efficient, resource conserving and high performing for all of our clients.

  • budget + schedule

    budget + schedule

    Budget Adherence

    At the outset of the project, a preliminary analysis of your needs is compared to the proposed budget to determine if it will support the building program. We can assist you at this crucial stage if challenging decisions need to be made to place the project on a path to fiscally succeed. During the schematic design, design development and construction documentation phases of the project, we will utilize the services of our cost estimating consultant to provide an assessment of the projected cost based on the design at that point. If there are cost issues, we address these issues before the project proceeds to the next phase. If project scope is added during the design process, we clearly communicate the impact this will have on the project budget to allow you to make informed decisions. Our other ongoing projects also provide us access to the construction industry so we can monitor trends and conditions in the local construction market. If we determine a trend could affect your project, we will act to protect your budget.

    Schedule Control

    There are many milestones that must be met as the design and documentation of the project ensues. We communicate these project milestones to each member of the project team and work diligently with them to be sure that information they need is being provided and coordinated so that they can meet the demands of the project schedule. At the end of each phase, the schedule is reviewed and the rate of the work adjusted appropriately to keep the project on schedule.

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